How can we help Naomi Moore?

Naomi’s Situation

On September X, my daughter Naomi was in a car wreck. While she wasn’t visibly injured at the time, she was disoriented and confused. That condition got worse and within 24 hours we were in the at XXXXXXXXX at Roper Medical Center. They ran all the tests (Cat, MRI, Spinal Tap, etc…) and quickly realized that they needed to send Naomi to MUSC’s XXXXXXXXXXXX department. She’s been there since Sept XX and they’ve run all the tests again, and more (XXX, XXX, XXX, XXX, XXX). Most recently the’ve been sending XXXX samples to John Hopkins. 


All the while, Naomi has not been herself at all. She doesn’t really know where she is or what is going on. Her lack of motor skills don’t allow her to move freely. Her cognition is so off that she can’t control a phone or a comprehend television. She’d pugged up to machines…….. and I’m just scared and exhausted and I need to ask for help.


Currently we have the issues of XXX and XXX.


In the near future I anticipate the issues of XXX and XXX.


Does anyone know of a non-profit organization that helps families who are in this situation? Is there a healthcare and/or fundraising expert out there that can give me guidance? I have no idea where to start.

Please reach out to me with a text to 803-260-9395. Leave your name and number and a brief introduction and I’ll call you back.